Energy Globe Foundation Ltd.

Energy Globe Foundation GmbH is in charge of planning and delivering on the operational level all Energy Globe projects. Its president and founder is Wolfgang Neumann. The Foundation’s Advisory Board is the “Energy Globe Ltd.”, a think-tank comprised of international experts.
Seat of the Foundation is Traunkirchen, Austria.

Energy Globe Association

"Energy Globe Association” is a think-tank with an Honorary Board comprised of renowned individuals from economics, politics, and culture supporting the activities of Energy Globe Foundation Ltd. through their know-how and international networks.
This think-tank meets annually. It creates and suggests solutions to advance sustainable development that are then published by means of a manifesto.
The presiding member of the Honorary Board is Indian Member of Parliament and former environmental and social minister, Maneka Gandhi. Her deputy is Ashok Khosla, Co-chair of the International UNEP Panels for Resources.
Founder and President of the Energy Globe Association is Wolfgang Neumann.

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